tasos maroudas coded lines

Owner/Founder & CTO

Meet Tasos, the visionary behind Coded Lines and our esteemed Chief Technology Officer (CTO). As the owner and founder of our company, he spearheads our journey, building and nurturing valuable partnerships. Tasos’s expertise extends beyond the technical realm, as he empowers our clients to achieve their business goals. With his strategic guidance, we navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology and innovation. Trust Tasos to lead us towards new horizons, where possibilities are limitless and success is within reach.

Quality Assurance Expert

Meet Dimitra, our project management hero who effortlessly bridges the gap between our valued customers and implementation teams. As a skilled communicator, she ensures seamless coordination and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle. Beyond her professional endeavors, Dimitra finds solace in exploring the world, indulging her passion for travel during her free time. With her exceptional project management skills and adventurous spirit, Dimitra brings a unique perspective to every endeavor. Join us in embracing her expertise and zest for life as we embark on remarkable journeys together.

Operations Director & Marketing Partner

George is our Marketing Partner and Operations Director bringing in a wealth of marketing experience and expertise. He leads the company’s digital marketing offering, elevating our clients’ digital presence.

George Trakadas

Front-End Developer

Introducing George, our tech aficionado on a relentless quest for innovation! With a burning passion for technology, he fearlessly explores the latest trends and tools in this rapidly evolving realm. Specializing in Python, Blockchain, and React, George brings a wealth of expertise to the table. However, he’s not just a collection of buzzwords. His true mission is to deliver tangible results that leave a lasting impact on both his collaborators and the users of his meticulously crafted apps.

konstantinos chastiotis coded lines

Senior Mobile App Engineer

Meet Konstantinos, our enthusiastic explorer of new tasks and technologies! He embraces every challenge that comes his way. As a full-stack Ninja, Konstantinos wields his expertise in JavaScript with finesse. Whether it’s crafting robust back-end solutions or creating captivating front-end experiences, he thrives in the dynamic world of web development. Join us in embracing Konstantinos’ passion for pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results. With his adventurous spirit and mastery of JavaScript, he is poised to conquer any digital landscape that comes his way!

liza pavlou coded lines

Executive Assistant

Meet Liza, our operations executive extraordinaire! She is a master of managing everything under the sun. Whether it’s handling our vibrant social media accounts or diligently updating our books, Liza effortlessly takes charge. With her unparalleled organizational skills and multitasking prowess, she keeps our operations running smoothly. Trust Liza to tackle any challenge with finesse and ensure seamless efficiency across the board. With her at the helm, our business is in capable hands.

Vasilis Pontikakis

Junior Mobile Developer

Introducing Vasilis, our front-end virtuoso! In 2021, fueled by an unwavering passion for excitement in his work life, he embarked on a career transition into the tech industry. As a skilled Front-End Developer, Vasilis takes great pride in creating user-friendly interfaces and ensuring a seamless UX. With a robust tech stack encompassing React Native, React.js, Typescript, JavaScript, Redux, and Styled Components, he possesses the tools to bring digital visions to life.

Stavroula Begleridou

Quality Assurance Specialist

Introducing Stavroula, our exceptional quality assurance professional with a strong background in mathematics. Her passion for learning and innovation extends to areas vital for business success today, as she has pursued further education in data science and cyber security. With unrivaled technical expertise, Stavroula ensures our operations meet the highest standards. Trust her meticulous eye for detail and commitment to excellence to safeguard your business.

Panagiotis Trakadas

Junior Full-Stack Developer

Panagiotis was the kid who used every moment of free time to develop captivating applications and games. Fast forward to today, and Panagiotis has graduated from college, armed with a deep passion for cutting-edge web and mobile development. With expertise in React & React Native, Typescript, AWS, and a multitude of other tools, he weaves magic into every line of code he touches.

Charis Kaonis Coded Lines

Web & Mobile Engineer

Introducing Charis, our powerhouse Web & Mobile App Engineer! As a full stack engineer, he wields expertise in Javascript, React, React Native, and Node. From conceptualization to implementation, Charis is the mastermind behind turning dreams into reality. Whether you have a vision or a challenge, he can build it with finesse. With his technical prowess and unwavering dedication, Charis is the driving force behind our cutting-edge web and mobile applications. Join us in embracing Charis’ coding wizardry and let your digital dreams come to life!