Pero is an all star front end & mobile app engineer. Never satisfied with code quality he always likes to refactor… He’s a keen learner and part time blogger!

Tasos is the technical leader. He has more than 10 years of experience along with 600+ GitHub stars and 40K views / month on his technical tutorials. He really loves creating with React Native!

Dimitra is our project manager hero talking with both customers and implementation teams. In her free time she likes to travel!

George has over 7 years’ experience in Digital Marketing & Strategy and has worked both client-side and agency side.

Manos is a full-stack superhero. His super power is that he can pretty much work with any technology, even if he has no previous experience with it. Lately he works a lot with Gatsby!

Thanos is our creative eyes and brains. He’s the guy who pulls through from idea conception to mockups and UI design. In hiss free time he likes to go hiking!

Rob is a mobile full-stack warlock with quite a few projects and customers under his belt. In his free time he likes to explore new technologies and contribute to open source!


Himanshu is our client communication champion day after day. He likes to talk… and explain how we work and what our customers should expect. In his free time he joins meetups and learns Spanish!