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Tasos Maroudas
Tasos Maroudas

Front End & Mobile Lead
Front End Engineer that loves the web and currently working with React Native, React & TypeScript
Tasos    Tsaousis
Tasos Tsaousis

Back End & DevOps Lead
Fullstack engineer interested in people, scaling apps in the cloud and results. Java/Spring, AWS, node and react native. DevOps skills and mindset included.
George Karmpoulonis
George Karmpoulonis

SEO / Marketing / Copywriting
Digital Marketing Consultant specializing in SEO & Copywriting. Getting to know the world & myself
Thanos Doumanis
Thanos Doumanis

Front End Engineer / Designer
Angelina Vujanovic
Angelina Vujanovic

Front End / Mobile Engineer
Dimitra Papadopoulou
Dimitra Papadopoulou

Account Manager
Manos Nikakis
Manos Nikakis

Full Stack Engineer
Markos Chelios
Markos Chelios

QA Engineer