Our Methodology

We build awesome hybrid mobile and web apps in 8 simple steps!

Web and mobile app development is serious business. Our agile developmnt methodology is proven to create highly flexible functional and flawless apps. But what sets our methodology apart, is creating user engaging apps.

All our creations are user-centric, designed to solve the needs of any end user. When both factors are satisfied in order to have market success!

Starting Point

  1. You share your idea with us
  2. We review and explore your requirements thoroughly in order to understand it and put together the project scope
  3. We come up with the cost and a time estimate for completion – our custom tailored proposal for you

Transparency & Confidentiality

  1. The way we conduct business is characterised by full transparency
  2. When you select us to become your partner, we share everything with you, every step of the way
  3. Everything is sealed under an NDA and all our work output is yours


  1. You have an idea but this isn’t enough
  2. We are here to help you identify your business goal and build a strategy around it
  3. We will do the necessary market research
  4. We will help you define your target audience
  5. We will help you build your business model

Finalise Costs & Timelines

  1. The more details we have about your business goals and requirements, the more accurerately we can come up with a custom tailored quote for you
  2. We will break down the development into trackable milestones, costs and delivery timeframes
  3. We will finalise the payment terms and link them to mutually agreed deliverable milestones throughout your app competion journey

Designs & Flows

Here’s when the fun starts: once you have signed off on the app reqs and the findings of our market research we will start building the app/web wireframes. This will be the “skeleton” of your app – its foundation of how it will later look like, all polished up and shiny!

At this stage we will algo come up with functional user flows that take into account the needs of you target audience and translate these into user journeys within your mobile or web app.

UI/UX Designs

Now that we have the skeleton of your app and the main user flows all worked out and signed off we move on to building these user flows within the app. User experience playes a crucial role in the success of any digital asset.

Development & Testing

This is when our devs get to work on building your mobile or web app! We put our talent, expertise and experience into play to create the best possible app for your target audience. With years of experience behind us and a plethora of hugely successful apps in our portfolio, this is where we shine – rest assured your app will come out perfect.

Publish App on Google & iOS App Stores

Time to go live! Once you have reviewed your app and are 100% happy and satisfied with it, we’ll schedule the go live. You don’t have to worry about a thing; we will take care of the entire going live process for both Apple’s and Google’s app stores. Sit back and watch as your app comes to life!

Maintenance & Upgrade

Our journey doesn’t stop the moment your app goes live – that’s just the first step. As your userbase grows so do their needs, they evolve and they start asking for more features. That’s why we keep an eye out, monitor and properly maintain your app to ensure it’s unhindered operation and we discuss with you the upcoming features and updates to your app and develop and release them as agreed upon.

Let's build your amazing app together!